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North East is a magnificent tapestry of people, events, travel & nature. You can be touched by its mighty rivers, rain & mist, overwhelmed by the seeming warmness of its people and stirred by its powerful and dynamic history. There are more than 220 ethnic tribes in the eight states comprising the region n with a population of about forty million people. There are communities with connections in the neighboring countries. It is not less than a heaven in itself, your time will justify the visit and travel to our land.

A road trip to ASSAM

People of Assam inhabit a multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and multi-religious society. They speak languages that belong to three main language groups: Indo-Aryan, Austro-Asiatic, and Tibeto-Burman. The large number of ethnic and linguistic groups, the population composition in the state has led to it being called an “India in miniature”.


Travel through the Ethnic Groups:


Tai-Ahoms were historically the dominant group of Assam and were the ethnic group associated with the term “Assamese”. More recently, the Assamese language speaking ethnic group has been associated with the term “Assamese”. Bengalis are another major group of Assam and are a majority in the Barak Valley. Bodos are the dominant group in Bodoland. They mostly speak the Tibeto-Burman Bodo language and live in Bodoland.


Some of the common cultural traits available in your travel across these systems are:


(a) Respect towards areca-nut and betel leaves.


(b) Respect towards particular symbolic cloth types such as Gamosa, Arnai.


(c) Respect towards traditional silk and cotton garments.


(d) Respect towards forefathers and elderly.


(e) Great hospitality for tourists and travelers.


(f) Bamboo craft and culture.



 A road trip to Arunachal Pradesh


There are 26 major tribes and a number of sub tribes living in the state. Most of these communities are ethically similar having derived from an original common stock but their geographical isolation from each other has brought amongst them certain distinctive characteristics in language, dress and customs.


Travel through the Society and Culture. 

The population of Arunachal can be divided into three cultural groups on the basis of their socio-politico religious affinities. For about 35% of the population of Arunachal Pradesh, are in agricultural occupation. Festivals are an essential part of the socio- cultural life of the people. The festivals are usually connected with agriculture and are associated with ritualistic gaiety either to thank God or to pray for bumper harvest.


Travel through the Characteristics of People of the NE States


Having seen the characteristics of the social, cultural & other factors pertaining to the people of insurgency effected North Eastern states, it is imperative that the peculiarities be summarized. It is difficult to profile such a vast & diverse anthropology, however for the ease of the study, certain basic similarities could be clubbed together and a basic framework of behavioral & attitudinal pattern could be listed as under: –


(a) People have a strong affinity to their race, ethnicity & have strong inclination for preservation of the same, which will astonish you in your travel.


(b) If you travel through the rural areas, where people reside in their particular ethnic group, there are stringent rules, customs and traditions to be followed & flouting them is taken very seriously.


(c) As the people belong to the lesser developed part of the country, their basic culture & beliefs are intact & there is less proliferation of modernity in their values.


(d) They have strong values regarding respect to the elders, women and could go to great extent to preserve their honor.


(e) They are basically agrarian community, hardworking, innocent & socially active within their own community.


(f) They have rich cultural heritage bonds which gives them a sense of exclusivity & belongingness.


(g) your travel will show that the various societies are religious and secular.


(h) The division of societies is not based on caste system. It is based on ethnicity, and in a particular tribe, everybody is treated as equal.


(j) Women have a pivotal & important role to play in their communities. Few of the societies are male dominated but most of them have equal status for women in the respective society.


(k) Education and awareness is on an increase and over a period of times have reached even the remote areas.


(l) If you travel this part of the nation you will find it out that the languages / dialects spoken are specific to a tribe and it does not have any resemblance with most of the languages of rest of the tribes.



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